List of modules

Data extraction (v1)

construct_utc_from_metadata (datestr, t0str)

Constructing UTC timestamp from metadata.

fake_data ([epoch, sample_rate, …])

Create fake time series data.

get_data (station, start_time, end_time[, …])

Glob all files withing user-defined period and extract data.

impulse_data ([epoch, sample_rate, …])

Create fake time series data.

time_convert (*times)

Convert string dates into UTC timestamps.

Data extraction (v2)

getDataFromFile (fName[, convert, dataCh, saneCh])

Gets magnetometer data from file.

getFListInRange (station, startTime, endTime)

Get list of file names for GNOME experiment within a time period.

getDataInRange (station, startTime, endTime)

Get list of data in time range.

Analysis algorithms

excess_power (ts_data[, band, fmin, fmax, …])

Perform excess-power search analysis on magnetic field data.

Plotting functions

build_spec (data[, tmin, tmax, fmin, fmax, …])

Plot multiplot figure with time series, PSD and spectrogram.

plot_activity (full_seglist[, t0, t1])

Plot full activity period for station.

plot_asd (station, data)

Plot Amplitude Spectral Density.

plot_bank (fdb)

Plot first filters from the filter bank in frequency domain.

plot_filters (tdb, fmin, band)

Plot first filters in time domain.

plot_spectrum (fd_psd)

Plot power spectral density

plot_spectrogram (spec, dt, df, ymax, t0, t1)

Plot standard Fourier-based spectrogram

plot_spectrogram_from_ts (ts[, fname])

Plot spectrogram

plot_tiles_ts (tdb, ndof, df, sample_rate, t0, t1)

Plot time series for several channels

plot_tiles_tf (tdb, ndof, df, ymax, …[, fname])

Plot spectrogram for different tiles

plot_time_series (data[, station, t0, t1, …])

Generate a plot of the whole data time series

plot_ts (ts[, fname])

Plot time series data

plot_whitening (ts_list[, station, t0, t1, …])

Generate a spectrogram plot and normalized spectrogram.

trigger_map ([filename, fname])

Plot excess power trigger results in a time-frequency frame.


create_sound (ts)

Create sound based on the data

burst_inject (ts_data[, loc, duration, hrss, …])

Inject burst signal in time series data