Program Executable

GDAS can be run either from a python script using the available modules or directly from the program executable gdas . Several operations can be run using the executable (e.g. excesspower, triggermap, faketrigger), the help message can be displayed on the terminal using the standard argument -h or --help as follows:

[~]% gdas -h
usage: gdas [options]

GNOME Data Analysis Software

positional arguments:
                        Operation to perform

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --station             Station name
  --start-time          Start time in format YYYY-M-D-H-M
  --end-time            End time in format YYYY-M-D-H-M
  --data-path           Custom path where data are stored
  --resample            New sampling rate for real data resampling
  --band                Bandwidth of the finest filters. Default is None, and
                        would be inferred from the data bandwidth and number
                        of channels.
  --filename            Input filename.
  --fmin                Lowest frequency of the filter bank, default is 0 Hz.
  --fmax                Highest frequency of the filter bank, default is None,
                        meaning use Nyquist.
  --max-duration        Longest duration tile to compute.
  --nchans              Number of frequency channels to use.
  --output              Output filename of the trigger map.
  --psd-estimation      Average method
  --sample-rate         Sampling rate
  --segment-length      Length of each segment in seconds
  --segment-stride      Separation between 2 consecutive segments in seconds
  --segments            Number of segments to be created.
  --simulation          Use artificial data
  --tile-fap            Tile false alarm probability threshold in Gaussian
  --window-fraction     Withening window fraction
  --wtype               Whitening type, can tukey or hann